NADKC - Western Region

August 23, 2019


December 31st I will complete my second term as the Western Regional Director. When I ran for this position sixth years ago I stated that, if elected, I would be honored to serve. Furthermore, I stated that if I was still enjoying being the Western Regional Director, I would run for a second term which I did and was unopposed. I stated at that time that I am a firm believer in term limits. In my opinion two terms on this Board is the right number. Therefore, this will be my last year as the Western Region Director. It has been a privilege to serve the Western Region and the NADKC as the Western Regional Director. All members of this Region can be proud of what we have accomplished over the last six years with our membership increasing by more than double, our monthly newsletter, expanded testing schedule, financial stability of the Region, and successfully hosting the 2016 Annual Meeting with over 70 people from around the North American and Germany in attendance. The attendance at the 2016 Annual Meeting, in Walla Walla, more than doubled attendance numbers at previous WR hosted NADKC Annual Meeting. Additionally, at the ’16 Annual Meeting we facilitated the final portion of the Formwertricher Apprentice examine process for four NADKC members allowing them to become Specialzuchtrichter’s (SZR), the only four in North America. This was the first time this portion of the final examine had been conduct in North America, or for that matter outside of Germany.

In the near future nominations will be opening for the Western Regional Director. I would encourage anyone that is interested in serving in this capacity to consider running.

The WR has added an additional fall test. On November 9th we will be holding a Solms/AZP, in Denair, CA. Denver Hodges is the test coordinator and can be reached at 209-485-0987 or at At this time there is still room in this test for additional dogs.

In September the WR has will host a fall test in Conrad, MT. On September 19th & 20th, we will be holding a VGP. September 21st and 22nd we will be holding a Solms/AZP. There will be a Zuchtschau on Saturday, September 21st. Jerry Riewer is the test coordinator and can be reached at 406-450-1214 or at Currently there is space available for one VGP dog. The Solms/AZP is full on Saturday but there is space available on Sunday.

If you have indicated you will be participating in a fall test, please submit your entry ASAP. If you have submitted your entry and realize you will be unable to participate please let the test coordinator know ASAP.

Best Regards
Frank O′Leary
Western Regional Director
509-520-7483 or foleary7 at gmail dot com